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Come have fun, be active, creative and move with your little one in these imaginative lessons.  Designed to promote independence, confidence and joy of movement, watch your little one blossom right under you eyes!  Children must be able to walk.

Full Year option runs September to June & participates in our picture day and our annual recital.

  • Tiny Steps 1 (Mom & Baby ages 10 months – 18 months)
  • Tiny Steps 2 (Mom & Tot ages 18 months – 2.5 years)
  • Tiny Steps 3 (Mom & Child age 2.5 years -3 years)

Let your little one ignite their PASSION, while having fun, getting active and being creative through structured, imaginative moment! Dance mixed with creative movement.

*Let’s Dance! are in the year-end recital.

Classes are held the studio during the evenings and weekend
Geared for dancers who want maximum fun and quality training in minimum time.
**PLEASE NOTE: Our recreational program is NON-COMPETITIVE.

2-3 classes per week, per discipline (based on level)
Class fees include the examination fee, mock exam and costume fee
Students may be required to purchase additional attire or dance shoes

Students MUST be enrolled in exam ballet, as well as the discipline they are looking to compete in, to be considered for competitive routines. Costumes, studio attire and dance shoes/attire may be required at an additional cost.

An elite, half-day program where students with professional aspirations in dance field train intensively in the afternoons, Monday through Friday.
Classes will be offered in all disciplines, including acrobatic, conditioning classes and are guaranteed a minimum of 16-20 hours per week of class time.
Students are required to uphold studio standards and will take part in all exams, performances and competitions.

*Program includes all dance exams, all competitive routines, all costumes, one competitive solo and unlimited classes. Additional exam fees may be required for solos, duets and trios.

NOTE: This program is geared for students with drive, dedication with exceptional ability wishing to maximize their potential. Applicants interested in our Intensive Training Program must contact the Artistic Director to set up an meeting and walk-through of the studio. No audition is necessary; however, Ignite Danceworks Inc. requires all applicants and their guardians be aware of all studio policies, requirements and expectations prior to enrolment in the program. Email Michelle@ignitedanceworks.com to schedule your appointment today!



Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance

Ballet develops grace, poise, coordination, balance, strength and discipline. Ballet is the staple behind all classical dance forms and as such, is necessary in order to progress into the higher levels of all other disciplines.

**All classes are in the year-end recital. Exam classes are available.



Jazz is a high-energy class, incorporating technically challenging moves, such as on kicks, jumps, turns, which build strength, endurance and flexibility. Jazz has its roots in many forms of music, and tends to be fun, energetic class for all participants.

**All Jazz classes are in the year-end recital. Exam classes are available.



Tap is about creating music through your feet, and expressing it through your body. Tap is a fast-paced, challenging class while being extremely fun and creative at the same time.

**All classes are in the year-end recital. Exam classes are available.



NOTE: Students MUST be taking ballet class in order to do Exam Contemporary.

Contemporary is a relatively new form of dance that takes its roots in ballet, and combines modern and lyrical together. This dance form uses movements, gestures, mimes and dancing to express an emotion, situation, lyrics or a feeling to music. It requires sound ballet technique when done properly; therefore ballet is required in order to take this particular class and levels are entirely based on the teacher’s discretion.

**Exam classes are available. All modern & contemporary classes will be in the year-end recital.


Hip-Hop is about coordination, power, excitement and enjoyment! Taking roots in street dance and break dance, hip-hop is one of the most popular styles of dance today, and is featured in music videos, stage performances and on television.

**All hip-hop classes will be in the year-end recital.


Acrobatic Arts

AcroDance is a discipline which focuses on five key elements that are fundamental to today’s dance training: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Instructors will safely guide students through the progression of the syllabus levels, from log rolls and somersaults to tumbling effortlessly across the stage.

**AcroDance classes may be in the year-end recital, based on teacher discretion.

Jumps & Turns

A class specifically designed for those students wishing to excel a little further in their dance training. Jumps & Turns classes will focus on developing the strength and control needed to do revolutions and takeoff/land from the ground in various position. Technical elements to be gained include Articulation, Balance, Eye Focus, Arm Placement, Alignment.

**Jumps and Turns classes will not be in the year-end recital


Progressive Ballet Technique

A class solely designed by by a dancer, for dancers. This class focuses on developing muscle memory, strength, coordination and control over specific muscle groups that are used in dance. The goal of conditioning class is for injury prevention – stopping injuries before they happen – and rehabilitation – strengthening after an injury.

**Conditioning classes will not be in the year-end recital.

First Steps Preschool

First Steps Pre School

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